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Inaugural NSWCCPE Honorary Fellowship

February 09, 2022

The inaugural NSWCCPE Honorary Fellowship is awarded to Ms Jennifer Washington on the basis of evidence of the following achievements:

  • Jenny’s record of outstanding achievement and of ethical practice sustained for over thirty- five years within the NSWCCPE;
  • Jenny’s commitment and service to the discipline of clinical pastoral education, which is above and beyond the formal expectations and requirements for the position(s) held.

Jenny’s outstanding contribution is recognized in the following areas:

  • Student learning and teaching practices
  • Educational scholarship, innovation, research & governance in her roles as Accreditation Convenor, Registrar, and Academic Dean
  • Leadership at national, state and local levels in the clinical pastoral education movement as ANZACPE President; NSWCCPE President; St. Vincent’s Hospital CPE Centre Director
  • Contribution to the advancement of the profession of clinical pastoral education and spiritual care within New South Wales and Australian/New Zealand communities.

Let us congratulate Jenny on her outstanding achievement.

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