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AGM and Russell Fowler Memorial Oration

September 19, 2022

SAVE THE DATE Friday 11th November

NSWCCPE Annual General Meeting and Russell Fowler Memorial Oration

9am – 10am NSWCCPE AGM

All members are welcome

Online via Zoom

All reports and papers will be sent out by email prior to the meeting


10:30 – 11:30am (after the AGM)

Russell Fowler memorial Oration

"Reflective Believing - a new language for an old idea"

Presented by Susanne Schmidt Online via zoom

Information on the Rev Russell Fowler

Susanne Schmidt is a Clinical Pastoral Educator and the Pastoral Care Manager at Calvary John James Hospital in Canberra.  She is keenly interested in spiritual care research, spiritual care documentation and in working with new spiritualties in the pastoral and spiritual care education space.

This presentation is a response to these new ways of understanding spirituality and religion. It will look at how the reflective process of CPE, traditionally called Theological Reflection, can retain its heart and wisdom by moving to a new name and slight nuancing of practice. This then captures the zeitgeist of students entering into the CPE process, the people to whom they will be attending and the systems that will be employing them, and thus how they understand the work of spiritual care. It will look at current Australian data to support this and include spiritual and theological thought in the CPE space.  It will also incorporate some of Susanne’s philosophy of hospitable supervision to explore how the reflective process might mature into the later years of the 21st century and beyond.

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