The NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education delivers higher education awards as a Member Institution of the Sydney College of Divinity (CRICOS Provider: 02948J)

Setting the standard in the provision of quality education and supervision in spiritual care

Welcome to the NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education web site. The College was formed in 1963 by representatives of the Christian Churches with the vision of providing quality pastoral education and supervision for those attending to the spiritual needs of all members of our modern community. Since then the College has expanded its membership to include representatives from across Christian Denominations and Other Faiths.

The New South Wales College of Clinical Pastoral Education is a Member Institute of The Sydney College of Divinity and a Member Association of the Australian New Zealand Association of Clinical Pastoral Education

President’s Welcome

On behalf of the New South Wales College of Clinical Pastoral Education let me extend a warm welcome to you. It’s an exciting time, beginning new studies. It can be a time filled with both eager anticipation and nervous energy. A time often filled with lots of questions… What will it be like? Who will I meet? What is expected of me? Am I ready for this? If this is your experience may you take comfort you are in good company. Like so many of us who have gone before you, we to, had those same questions and concerns. So let me introduce our College to you… In 2023 the College will celebrate its 60th anniversary. “After a number of planning meetings in 1962, Council for Clinical Pastoral Education in NSW (now the New South Wales College of Clinical Pastoral Education Inc herein after referred to as NSWCCPE Inc) was formed in April 1963 to promote Clinical Pastoral Education (herein after referred to as CPE) activities in NSW.” The Council at this time could not have foreseen the changing educational, theological, social and cultural revolution that would occur over the following decades. And yet, here we are in 2022. A College still meeting, planning and working together, “with the vision of providing quality pastoral education and supervision for those attending to the spiritual needs of all members of our modern community.”

Extending across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory the NSWCCPE offers both face-to-face and online learning opportunities to meet your specific needs. The education team here at NSWCCPE come from a diversity of professional, academic and religious backgrounds. Our supervisors engage in a rigorous supervisory formation process to ensure that the quality of supervision and education meets best practice standards with a strong ethical framework at its core. Grounded in an action-reflection learning model, NSWCCPE will not only assist you to develop the skills you are seeking but support you to thrive in your pastoral identity.

A Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD), NSWCCPE provides both Award and Non-Award programs in clinical pastoral education. We offer programs for those new to the arena of spiritual care, extending through to CPE 3 units for spiritual care practitioners who are keen to consolidate their professional skills in specialised areas of pastoral ministry. For spiritual care practitioners & chaplains seeking to develop their abilities into the fields of education and supervision, NSWCCPE in conjunction with SCD offer a M.A Program in Pastoral Supervision. Critically aware of the challenges for many to access education, NSWCCPE provides scholarships to Aboriginal and rural communities for CPE programs as well as scholarships to approved applicants wishing to undertake training as a CPE Supervisor.

In collaboration with our CPE colleagues across Australia and New Zealand (ANZACPE), NSWCCPE is committed to providing common standards in education and supervisory training, offering pathways in supervisory formation, with the opportunity to learn from leaders in supervision and spiritual care from across the globe. At the forefront of spiritual care education, we work closely with industry to ensure the education provided by NSWCCPE will assist you to respond to the needs of the communities and industries you serve. As individuals, as committees, and as an organisation, NSWCCPE remains committed to the delivery of quality education in pastoral care and supervision. If you are a new student, someone returning to further your studies, or about to commence supervisory training may you enjoy your experience with the NSWCCPE. Welcome to the NSWCCPE community.

For more information please see ANZACPE - what is CPE?

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